• Travel and experience are the true treasures of life. From these one builds a mental storehouse of emotions, images and reactions which inform creative output. Traveling through the barren, Texan desert to Donald Judd’s Marfa, taking the train along the Hudson River to view the physical beauty of light in Dan Flavin’s Icons, and driving through the plains of Indiana and Illinois to come into contact with the majestic simplicity of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House have left lasting impressions affecting my work. The purity of white, the rigor of architectural logic, the cleanliness of light and the intentional curating and placement of all things physical is directly resultant from memories carried with me. Each project is a chance to draw upon these and countless understandings, both from the past and those yet to come. I look forward to sharing this journey with you…


  • Mies van der Rohe: Farnsworth House, 1951

  • Constantin Brancusi: White Negress II, 1928

  • Constantin Brancusi: Golden Bird, 1919-20

  • Carl Andre: Steel Aluminum Plain, 1969

  • Donald Judd: The Arena, mid 1980’s

  • Donald Judd: 100 Untitled Works in Milled Aluminum, 1982-86